New piece installed on a wall painted with lime paint
Untitled, 2023, Steel rust, plastic, 35.5”H x 15.5”W; Framed 39”H x 19”W
Silk cocoon necklace

My work with the Asian mulberry tree is closely connected to the silkworm/silk industry. I have used these cocoons in much of my work.

Botanical drawing using a stick dipped in ink
Eco Printing
Tumeric Bath
Natural plant dyes on a variety of materials
Supima Project Experiments, 2021

Raw Supima cotton and fried butterfly pea flower dye. It reminds me of Royal Dutch Delft pottery.

Working on a new piece for the "Origins" series

Incorporating photo imagery from Laos showing the process of washing Cambium fiber. Rural communities along the Mekong are being severely impacted by the building of dams and bridges.

"Archeology" project
Experimenting with Light