The original sculptures photographed here as Vibrachrome prints are made from the cambium fiber of the Asian mulberry tree harvested in rural Laos. Used by the Yao tribe for religious rituals and wrapping opium, post-Vietnam War, cambium fiber has become part of the initiative to raise the standard of living of the mountain people in the making of paper products.

Discovering this new art medium that appears to be fragile, but is resilient and strong, I am attempting to explore that same quality of life that exits within our emotional, cultural, and environmental lives. The works reflects my belief that underlying this perceived vulnerability; there exists the ability for us to adapt, survive, and perpetuate.

The SOCIAL WARRIORS SERIES draws on my father’s elaborate uniforms of the Scottish military. Social issues have become our new battleground.

Using enhanced dye-sublimation printing on aluminum, these highest-quality Vibrachrome high-gloss prints are produced by Duggal Visual Solutions, Inc., an award-winning global supplier of fine-art printed visuals.

As shown, these panels are 33″ x 22″ with aluminum brace, ready to hang half an inch away from the wall.

All prints are available in custom sizes.

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